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$85/session for the
8-week Song of the Earth course

$90/hr for one-off session

*Sessions are available
in person & on skype!

whale song - willow rose
Olivia - What a journey! This in not just a vocal class, this is an adventure on finding your voice and hearing your voice and building the confidence to wield your voice. There are practical elements to this session, but more than that it was entertaining, fun and nurturing. Olivia helped my to get out of my own way so that I could fully let go and allow my voice to sing and to soar. What a beautiful gift she has. Such a great teacher. Thank you.
— JOYA JOI Shiatsu Therapist & Healer - Mobile Shiatsu Clinic


Song of the Earth Vocal Sessions are a transformational helping students to connect, develop and master their own unique voice through the liberating and therapeutic power of sound.

Olivia offers a vocal course that is structured in a creative and systematic method for you to learn vocal technique, voice meditation, breath-work, develop confidence, unlock your creative expression and  access deep healing through the power of your voice and  nature immersion. 


V O C A L  C O U R S E

The Song of the Earth Vocal Course is a powerful and integrative 8-week journey  that is developed specific to your needs and helps you develop in the following ways:

Vocal Technique
  Develop effective Breathing, Pitch, Resonance
Dynamics, Articulation and Phrasing

Musical Development
  Develop Rhythm, Melody, Improvisation and Songwriting
Develop trust, flow &  express creatively and freely through your voice

Sound as Therapy
  Discover Sound Healing and learn about the Yoga of Sound
Bring awareness, transform & clear the emotional body

Body Awareness
   Develop & Improve Posture & Body language
Free your Body through Breath, Movement, Sound

Mental Balance
  Manage Nerves, Anxiety & move through Emotional Blockages
through mindfulness & voice meditation 

 Performance Power
  Develop skills and confidence for singing, public speaking and spoken word
Express yourself authentically & inspiration through resonance & depth