A Song of the Earth Sound & Light Journey is a group experience of collective intention, where as the sound & light ritual is tailored for an individuals prayer and need of support. These are both sacred ceremony using pure focused vibrational healing through sound alchemy, reiki & intuitive healing.  This is a sacred journey  of meditation, prayer, breath and sound using vocal toning, mantras and medicine songs, native flutes, and sound bowls and chimes to guide you into theta states of deep relaxation, trauma release & healing.


 Since 2012, Olivia has shared sound therapeutically and has studied and collaborated with various teachers, elders and sound healers. She has facilitated journeys in yoga classes, collaborative workshops and festivals, and within charities (Heartdancers & Sound for Life) working with the elderly, refugees, and the disabled.


(includes intention ritual, sound journey, tea & treat)
*rates variable depending on venue etc.


Balance the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Rest with Deep Relaxation
 Access & Release in Beta, Delta, & Theta states, beyond the conscious body

 Relieve Anxiety and Depression
  Be held in a safe sacred space with the power of intention to release and heal

 Release Tension & Trauma
  Shift energy on a cellular level
Release limiting beliefs and memories held in your body.

 Access New Neural Pathways
Activate new ways of perception

Activate and inspire Passion and Purpose
 Realign and create the reality you desire.

Connect to Spirit.
Remember the power and love of who you truly are


Olivia’s sound journey will bring you to another place inside your soul. This experience will leave you speechless as you connect within. She guides you to channel into your true voice. Her unique connection will leave you feeling empowered and centered.
— ADA KAY - Yoga Teacher & Traveller