Olivia Rosebery

Song of the Earth

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Song of the Earth

Song of the Earth offers private vocal coaching, workshops, sound journeys and sonic rituals.

As a professional teacher and musician Olivia offers transformational vocal coaching. She provides a refreshing duality of wisdom and youthful energy. A deeply rooted passion in empowering others drives her to teach. Sharing her 15 years of singing experience she supports her clients to develop and unlock the power their voice. Her holistic blend of vibrational medicine and sound therapy is unique and spiritually healing.



Song of the Earth Vocal Sessions are a transformational practise helping students to connect, develop and master their own unique voice through the liberating and therapeutic power of sound.



Song of the Earth Sound & Light Journeys are a sacred ceremony wherein each individual experiences pure focused vibrational healing through sound alchemy.



Come together in circle and be guided into deepening your relationship with your voice in an inspiring and nurturing space.




"I'm So grateful to have had such a nurturing yet powerful healing with Olivia this year, I felt so held by her during a deep journey, Olivia has powerful medicine of the voice, I had many profound insights and unfolding realizations following our session as it integrated. Thank you Olivia with all my heart for your guidance, wisdom and presence, you are such beautiful healer-  Much love." 
Ceremonialist & Medicine Woman


"Olivia brings a very grounded, healing and inspiring essence to what could just be an ordinary singing lesson. The session I had with her was grounding, inspiring, transformative and left me with many tools through which I can expand my vocal skills. During her workshop, I found I was able to release a lot and came out feeling empowered and joyful."
Environmental Scientist and Eco-Warrior


"Taking classes with Olivia has been probably the best decision of my life! My dream has always been to sing but I also have a lot of fear around it. Olivia will gently guide to sing out and send out your voice into the world. This is so much more than a singing lesson, she works on your connection with nature, your energy, emotions as well as tune and rhythm, breathing, all that you need to know to discover your voice! Her classes are worth so much more than she charges in my view, and it is awesome that she is making it available to everyone! Thank you"
Henna Rose Art


“Olivia gave me a wonderful session at the summer solstice. It felt really opening and I can notice an improvement in my voice from the awareness it brought me. Lovely combination of practical singing lesson and emotional release of blockages through a special kind of sound healing. Wonderful experience. Thanks Olivia!"
Author of Druids Downunder & Artisan at Forest Spirit


"I can not describe how amazing my time having singing lessons with Olivia has been. Not only is she a very gifted vocalist but also a very beautiful soul. Her coaching method has allowed me to really look into myself to find my own voice. Her classes are a place where singing comes hand in hand with healing. Finding that voice or emotion that you’ve been suppressing for years and finally allowing it to be free. I highly recommend Olivia as a singing and spiritual coach. What I’ve learnt during my lessons about myself and the beauty of song I will take with me forever. I’m excited to continue my journey with Olivia and see what else we can unlock. Thank you, Olivia, for being part of this beautiful journey with me." 
 Marketing Manager


"Olivia's sound journey will bring you to another place inside your soul. This experience will leave you speechless as you connect within. She guides you to channel into your true voice. Her unique connection will leave you feeling empowered and centered."
Yoga Teacher & Traveller