I understand sound as one of the most powerful tools for shifting energy. All matter and all in between has a vibratory state and essentially a sound. With sound we can express the unspoken, dive into the depths of our being and open the gateway to surrender and healing through the power and heart of song.
— Olivia Rosebery

Song of the Earth offers private vocal coaching, workshops, sound journeys & sonic rituals. Olivia has been practising as a sound healer up and down the east coast of Australia for over six years. Her soulful sonic healing evokes the power and spirit of the Earth, and is the cultivation of her studies in shamanic healing, vibrational medicine and nada yoga. She weaves the alchemy of crystal & tibetan bowls, the Native American flute and the medicine drum. And alongside her powerful vocal toning and mantra one can feel a deep resonance that nurtures, aligns, activates and harmonises the body soul 


As a highly skilled teacher and musician, she offers transformational vocal coaching as she is incredibly passionate about supporting others to develop and unlock their voice as well as created a sacred space of healing with vibrational medicine. Her unique and holistic practise weaves together more than 15 years of singing experience, studies in sound and performance art, sound healing and her passion for earth-based culture and yogic philosophy. 



Come together in circle and be guided into deepening your relationship with your voice in an inspiring and nurturing space. 




Song of the Earth Vocal Sessions are a transformational practise helping students to connect, develop and master their own unique voice through the liberating and therapeutic power of sound. 




Song of the Earth Sound & Light Journeys are a sacred ceremony wherein each individual experiences pure focused vibrational healing through sound alchemy.

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Business Analyst

"This workshop is moving! Be pleasantly surprised by what comes up for you when you surrender your self-consciousness and any prior vocal training, to allow your voice to be enticed so it can naturally emerge. Give yourself permission to explore and play in the vocal soundscapes through which Olivia beckons you. Having done her last workshop as well as her 8-week vocal coaching, I can attest to her gentle but powerful vocal ability to guide and hold space. Coarse and raw, her natural style is almost native; a refreshing (and welcome) approach compared to my classical training. She embraces the shamanic; hypnotising the essence of your soul. Feel the energy move you; hear the call and claim your voice. Olivia is an amazing woman whose abilities should not be underestimated." 

Marketing & Communications

"I can not describe how amazing my time having singing lessons with Olivia has been. Not only is she a very gifted vocalist but also a very beautiful soul. Her coaching method has allowed me to really look into myself to find my own voice. 
Her classes are a place where singing comes hand in hand with healing. Finding that voice or emotion that you’ve been suppressing for years and finally allowing it to be free.

I highly recommend Olivia as a singing and spiritual coach. What I’ve learnt during my lessons about myself and the beauty of song I will take with me forever. I’m excited to continue my journey with Olivia and see what else we can unlock. Thank you, Olivia, for being part of this beautiful journey with me."


Therapist at the Mobile Shiatsu Clinic

"Olivia - What a journey! This in not just a vocal class, this is an adventure on finding your voice and hearing your voice and building the confidence to wield your voice.

There are practical elements to this session, but more than that it was entertaining, fun and nurturing. Olivia helped my to get out of my own way so that I could fully let go and allow my voice to sing and to soar. What a beautiful gift she has. Such a great teacher. Thank you.”


Pranic Healer, Crystal Teacher & Life Coach at The Temple, Surry Hills

I can't express how awesome Olivia is as a singing coach and voice mentor. I've seen significant difference in my vocal expression and even with speech presence. If your looking for some attuning and real depth in your singing then book your place.


Shamanic Reiki Master Healer & Red Tent Facilitator

"I started the course with an intention of finding my singing voice, my sound and songs within. Olivia helped me tap into that deep place where it was buried. She has a gift of awareness and sensitivity to bring out that inner voice within and in the process healing whatever wounds have blocked that free and natural expression. Don't let her petite size fool you. She is a very powerful sound healer. So much love and gratitude to you Olivia for helping me sing my truth! La la la la la la la la la means I love you!"


Artisan and Healer at Sacred Skins & Medicine Things

"I have been wanting vocal lessons for some time and when Olivia came to make a drum with me i knew she was the woman i would love to have vocal sessions with. Today i almost cancelled as money was tight. I am so glad i didn't. So much more than a singing lesson. Deeply healing, nurturing, and i have learnt so much in only 2 sessions.. Before Olivia came i knew there was a new beginning around my communications as I dreamt i had blue eggs in my mouth. As we sang outside upon the land together, a Sea Eagle soared above us. We were sharing a song about an Eagle that we both knew. If you are local to the Byron shire i highly recommend Olivia from Song of the Earth."


Yoga Teacher

"Wow Wow Wow... I first met Olivia when i was compelled to express my inspiration after her performance at spirit fest, i was instantly taken by her humility and the confidence she exudes from an open heart. Being self developed in my music, I had never felt the attraction to any kind of vocal coaching before, but Olivia brings something quite different to the world with her ‘singing lessons’..

Olivias's embodied technical insight provides a direct practical application to vocal improvement that is just the beginning of the journey - her care to create a safe, supportive environment and tune intuitively into your personal experience allows you to travel deep into your voice as medicine - Olivia's free spirit and joy for life is infectious and her connection to country and ancestors brings a very therapeutic shamanic depth to the work...

I found the opportunity to Work through performance nerves brought awareness to and liberation from patterns of escape and stifling of self expression I am left with strong confidence to show up in my authentic presence and share my inspiration. This is the very beginning of a powerful journey and initiation into the beauty of intention with Song of the Earth."


Author of Druids Downunder & Artisan at Forest Spirit

“Olivia gave me a wonderful session at the summer solstice. It felt really opening and I can notice an improvement in my voice from the awareness it brought me. Lovely combination of practical singing lesson and emotional release of blockages through a special kind of sound healing. Wonderful experience. Thanks Olivia!"


Environmental Scientist & Emergency Service Volunteer

"It;s not easy to run a singing group for a large amount of 30-40 people but Olivia did a lovely job of it! We all had opportunity to sing together and our own moment of individual voice giving in a safe non-judgmental environment and it was fun for all!!!
Thank you Olivia!"


Entrepeuneur & Eco-warrior

“After 5 Skype lessons with Olivia, I find her teaching style gentle, supportive and playful. She is really helping me to understand my voice and bring out its unique qualities. Also, I really enjoy her awareness practices and skill in helping me to relax into my voice. Olivia is an amazing vocalist in her own right and is a joy to learn from..”


Henna Rose Art

"Taking classes with Olivia has been probably the best decision of my life! My dream has always been to sing but I also have a lot of fear around it. Olivia will gently guide to sing out and send out your voice into the world. This is so much more than a singing lesson, she works on your connection with nature, your energy, emotions as well as tune and rhythm, breathing, all that you need to know to discover your voice! Her classes are worth so much more than she charges in my view, and it is awesome that she is making it available to everyone! Thank you" 


Yoga Teacher & Traveller

"Olivia's sound journey will bring you to another place inside your soul. This experience will leave you speechless as you connect within. She guides you to channel into your true voice. Her unique connection will leave you feeling empowered and centered." 


Enironmental Scientist and Eco-Warrior

"Olivia brings a very grounded, healing and inspiring essence to what could just be an ordinary singing lesson. The session I had with her was grounding, inspiring, transformative and left me with many tools through which I can expand my vocal skills. During her workshop, I found I was able to release a lot and came out feeling empowered and joyful." 


Founder of Spirit Journey & Co-founder of Byron Spirit FestivaL

"Today, had a profound singing journey with Olivia of Song of the Earth. Through my voice I channeled a female spirit who presented me with a lotus flower signifying transformation from the muck to connection with the goddess. My voice found places that I have never felt or heard before. Thank you so much and looking forward to following my voice on this journey. If anyone is wanting to free up their voice or give a voice to an internal feeling, give her a shout!"


Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

"I really can’t speak highly enough of Olivia as a teacher, as an artist, as a healer ! I truely know that she is made for this world to share the wisdom and practical / embodied tools that she clearly has delved into so deeply within herself. I have experienced other ‘sound healers’ and similar workshops previous to Olivia, and I can honestly say, it was the best (most powerful) I have experienced. Quiet a surprise considering many other facilitators have had many more years ‘experience’ and much older.

The way she transfers this knowledge, in her own unique teaching style is really, really, strong and I love how she weaves solidly her (our) earth core into the ‘practices’ and her love of spirit within and between us all, into a safe sound web - a way of teaching and healing that my spirit and especially body self, related too and felt safe in to open in. The practical tools/techniques Olivia shared and I continue to explore today have been invaluable ! By far the most beneficial ‘sound’ workshop I have ever attended.I expanded exponentially even with the short and rare occasion I could sit in group learning with Olivia, and I can not thank her enough for being part of my journey to continued self expansion and sound-self realisation.

Thank you dear Olivia! You are truely a gift and a truely amazing ‘teacher’ beyond your years !"


Ceremonialist & Medicine Woman

"I'm So grateful to have had such a nurturing yet powerful healing with Olivia this year, I felt so held by her during a deep journey, Olivia has powerful medicine of the voice, I had many profound insights and unfolding realisations following our session as it integrated. Thank you Olivia with all my heart for your guidance, wisdom and presence, you are such beautiful healer-  Much love." 

vocal student
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