•unlock your voice

•learn vocal techniques

•harness the healing power of sound

•develop resonance & pitch

•sing together in sacred space

•gain the confidence to sing in circle

•enter states of deep relaxation and healing in a sound journey

Song of the Earth Singing Workshops are a powerful journey into voice for beginners and professional singers alike who wish to deepen & expand their practise in singing in an inspiring and nurturing space. 

The Song of the Earth workshops are a transpersonal experience which integrates vocal studies, movement & meditation, singing in circle and sound healing. This workshop invites singers of all experience to come together in circle and be guided into deepening your understanding and connection to your voice. This is an opportunity to come together in a beautiful space of co-creation in which Olivia will guide you to unlock your voice; dropping into the sacred space of song and offer you powerful tools to sing with more awareness, confidence, and flow!

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Enter a sacred space of song and learn the art of singing with the body using techniques that ensure the health of your voice and that deepen and enhance your connection to self. This is a beautiful opportunity to use the voice in a meditative space through a community- earth-based practise, singing your spirit into joy.