Like the river that flows, from the mountains to the sea, may we dance to the rhythms of the land that we be.”
— one tribe, Olivia Rosebery

Wild at heart, Olivia Rosebery has a strong soulful voice and is a poetic lyricist, evoking the power and spirit of the earth. Her sonic weaving is rich and soulful, a fusion of soul, pop and world music.

Her warm resonant tones & jazz-infused melodies are inspired by her wild travels, studies in vibrational medicine, meditation, and her deep love for nature. Her songs echo into the forgotten spaces in the soul and take you on a journey back into the wilderness of remembering...



Olivia is part of a global community of musicians who are dedicated to living in harmony with the Earth. Through music she has supported and co-created with charities such as Sound for Life, Heartdancers, Sea Shepherd, and The Rainforest Project. She is currently collaborating with various artists and producers in Australia  and New Zealand. 

willow rose
willow rose

We all need our sacred waters, and the land to nourish our soul. Don’t forget where you come from, she is the one that keeps us whole...
— Let Her Hold You, Olivia Rosebery